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CTOMC Rules for Trophy Award:Trophy

*Your site must be excellent in style and content
* State plainly your faith in Messiah Yeshua as Adonai (L-RD) in an easy to find place on your site
* Be notably Hebraic/Jewish in general appearance and content
* Be pro-Israel, pro-Jewish and have no anti-Semitic material or links
* The site should not be confusing to navigate
* You have a much better chance of being in the 100 Best if you have a CTOMC Banner/Link on your home page.

Your site will not be considered if it:

* puts forth one particular doctrine more than faith in Messiah Yeshua
* is anti-Torah (speaks against observing the commandments)
* appears to be classically Christian in style
* has an agenda of hate, confusion, shock or is grossly in doctrinal error, or links to anyone who is
* is not to the taste of the site manager

Site Manager's Decision is Final

The 100 Best Site Manager's decision is final. No explanation will be given for why we do not accept or remove a site. A site may be removed from the links list at anytime without notice. We expect you to notify us of any changes in your URL (site address). Allow two weeks for inclusion or changes.

If your site is chosen for the 100 Best you will be given a trophy beside your link.

If you include the 100 Best banner below, then you may be listed and given a Torah scroll by your link, even if you are not awarded the trophy.

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Neither 100BEST, or WWW.CTOMC.CA or the Coalition of Torah Observant Messianic Congregations are responsible for the content of these links. The fact that they are available here in no way implies that we agree with all their doctrinal statements or practices. [See our statement of belief.] These sites may promote ideas or doctrines which we view as completely false or misguided. It is impossible for us to verify agreement with every word of every page. We provide the link only for informational (not promotional) purposes. Let the surfer beware!

Torah Scroll
Means this site has placed the reciprocal 100 Best Banner on their home page

Means this site has been given the 100 Best Trophy

Means this site has been given the 100 Best Trophy AND carries the reciprocal banner.

Means this site is a CTOMC Chartered Congregation


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