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Rules for CTOMC Chat Administrators

The following rules apply to all CTOMC Chat Administrators on inSpeak. Please make sure you read them carefully. By sending in this application, you agree to abide by all rules listed below:

1. The Torah Observant Messianic Jewish room and other CTOMC chat rooms are places for teaching and counseling. They are not places for arguments and disagreements. The CTOMC Mishpocha and Friends room is for hanging out.

2. The Administrators will not argue amongst themselves as to policy and procedure in front of others. This leads to disharmony and division within the room, and gives place to a lack of respect for authority. If an admin puts anyone down in the room, said admin will be put on suspension for one week (7 days) for the first occurrence. There is a "zero tolerance" policy in the event of a further occurrence. If you have a problem with another admin, report to MRabbi Avner concerning senior admins or MMin Leah for junior admins. A meeting will be set up to discuss the situation.

3. All anti-missionaries will receive an immediate red-dot upon entering the room (for known anti-missionaries) or upon disruption of the room (unknown anti's).

4. All anti-missionaries and Replacement Theology adherents are to be placed on the Messianic Prayer Warriors' prayer list at prayer@mjtr.org.

5. All anti-missionary action and all disruptions to the room must be reported to the egroup in order that all other administrators and room owners are aware of what's going on.

6. If an Admin puts a dot on someone, that admin is the only one who can remove it except for MRabbi Avner. Be sure to inform Rabbi of the reason for the dot and forward a copy of the transcript by email:
Rabbi Avner - ctomc613@eastlink.ca

7. All junior admins are to report to MMin Leah for instructions on what you can or can not do in the rooms.

8. A junior admin with less than 3 months experience is not permitted to open a room untill Rabbi Avner gives them authorization.

9. All new admins are to be trained by Rabbi Avner who will conduct the training session.

10. Junior admins are required to help out on Shabbat unless you have your own congregation that you attend.

11. During a LIVE Shabbat Service Message, no chit-chatting is permitted. Please take non-relevant conversation into PMs.

12. No Admin is to put the BRB sign on if there is a teaching in progress. Just go into away mode on your main window (contact page); also let MRabbi Avner know you will be away from your computer.

13. A Junior Admin is NOT authorized to bounce anyone from the room. If someone posts something that is of a hateful, sexual, or otherwise derogatory nature, clear the screen immediately and give the offender a yellow dot. If someone sends you a pm that you think is inappropriate, send the transcript to MRabbi Avner and a decision will be made as to whether or not to dot the person. ONLY PUT DOTS ON PEOPLE WHO POST UNACCEPTABLE CONTENT INTO THE ROOM!!!

14. With regards to security and crowd control in CTOMC rooms: If you are unsure of what course of action should be followed in a particular circumstance, ask MRabbi Avner.

15. You are a representative of the Coalition of Torah Observant Messianic Congregations, and more importantly, the Most High. You may be the only Torah that some people ever see. Please conduct yourself accordingly.

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